Participants shall meet the applicable requirements as per the IFSS Race Rules (Chapter One, VI). All dogs, including dogs not racing, must be vaccinated according to IFSS Regulations and Swedish law.

  • IFSS required vaccinations for all dogs, including dogs not racing: Distemper, adenovirus-2 (respiratory + hepatitis), parvovirus, rabies and kennel cough (parainfluenza + bordetella bronchiseptica).
  • For kennel cough, both intranasal and injection will be accepted. If you use an intranasal form, it is advised (but not mandatory) to have a boost less than 6 months before the race.
  • All IFSS required vaccines must have been administered more than 21 days before the race. The validity will be the one the laboratory advised (meaning sometimes 3 years validity for the other vaccines, but 1 year for kennel cough).