The decision has now been taken to move the European Championships Snow February 19-23 2020 from Falun to Åsarna! The organizers are confident that they can make an excellent competition there as well, even though it will not have the same settings as at the famous Ski-arena Lugnet in the city of Falun with lots of spectators.

Åsarna is located 300 km north of Falun and is this winter the closest possible venue with enough snow. Several major championships have been held there earlier. In Åsarna there are very good trails for both Sled Sprint and Ski-dogs, as well as a full-length Mid-distance trail. The specific trails for each class will be decided and published latest January 26th.

The event place is beautiful with a large stake-out and parking area, but without electricity for campers. There are plenty of lodging facilities in the area.

The website will continuously be updated with more information on travel, lodging, trails, administration, etc.

Welcome to the ECh Snow 2020!

//Bengt Pontén

for the organizing committee, SDSF (Swedish Sleddog federation) and IFSS

Dopingcontrols, TUE applications, Veterinary Medication Form


Doping tests for drivers and dogs may be performed. The IFSS Anti-Doping Rules and Regulations (see will apply. 



The following list of forbidden substances for athletes will apply: “Prohibited list HUMANS”. 


TUE applications for participation in the European Championships Snow 2020 in Åsarna Sweden must be received by email at the latest on Monday February 10. 


A TUE approved by the national antidoping organization is accepted, but a copy of the approval must be received at the latest on Monday February 10.


TUE application form can be downloaded from


TUE applications shall be sent to




The following list of forbidden substances for athletes will apply: “Prohibited list DOGS”. 

If you have dogs on medication, read “Doping Control DOGS Med” and if needed fill out “Veterinary Medication Form” and bring to the race. 

You can find all the dokuments under competition information